Friday, April 1, 2011


We decided at some point in the winter months
that we had some 'BIG' home projects we wanted
to achieve this spring and summer.
Painting most of the interior was a huge MUST.
However, it was decided that
we would to wait until the
brutal hot summer months for that.
The other two involve the outside
of the house.
I wish it included a new back deck (2012!)
a new kitchen
(K would say when
I say 2013!)
and flooring
(whenever Santana leaves this world.)
Eh well a gal can dream.
We opted to first finish off the front "deck".
Now we can buy front porch furniture!!
Next up, a storm door on the front door
Our House BEFORE.
The House After.
K did this in one day
on his own
for a very reasonable price
meaning it was less then we thought
it would be for materials.
We have talked about doing this almost
since we bought the house.
It just makes the front feel more finished.
I love how it looks!!!
Now if we could just magically
get the grass to grow back.
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