Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil' Bug

Cracking up at me before his first soccer practice.
My Bug is getting big.
K measured us back to back the other day.
The top of his head is at the top of my shoulder blade.
He's going to be flippin' taller
than me by the 3rd grade at this rate.
It is just NOT fair ;)!
He's only (almost) six.
He is the cutest kid on earth.
I love him more than any words
I could ever write here.
I try and try and try to think of
a more eloquent way to
explain him.
Today I was very frustrated
feeling unloved and not communicating
well with anyone in our house.
I was tired and cranky so
I did a very adult thing...
I burst into tears.
M Bug came into the room
and he just hugged me.
He said " Mom remember
you always say just take a deep
breath.  Breathe okay?"
He made me take a deep breath
and got me a tissue.
He made sure I was smiling.
My boy.
The words are often not said enough these days.
I love you to the moon
and back again.
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