Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Headed

I bought Tangled for the kids to finally see.  We were going to take them over the holidays two, maybe three times and every time something happened so we never saw it {{WOE}}!  Missy definitely is not a sit through a movie kind of kid.  We found this out at Gnomeo and Juliet recently.  She actually did really well this time and sat through a good 45 minutes of the movie!  Then she started dancing and doing gymnastics and generally being an overtired silly little girl.  It struck me that by the end of this summer she is going to be three and where did that time go. 

I have been bitter and miserable this winter about two.  TWO.  I strongly dislike two.  We have been working on NOT saying hate in our house recently.  My sweet little girl is generally terrifying to me lately.  We yell, we beg, we do time outs... WAIT I feel like I've written this before.  I am quite certain I wrote this about Matthew around this age as well.  I am trying to find ways to get around not liking two.  One is just enjoying the moments, even when many of the moments drive me batty.  See also deep breathing.  Possibly drinking more ;)!
I am addicted to buying clothing for Missy. ADDICTED.  Girl's clothing is just cute.  JEEPERS.  I even gaze across the isle (at Target) at the older girl's clothes and want to buy that for her for later!  I bought Missy little "flippy flops" (her word for them) today and just died.  I had like ten things in the cart and put it all back but my gawd I love little girls clothing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Every night Missy comes wandering into our bedroom.  She sighs and snuggles up next to me and says "I wuv you Mommy" and passes out.  She hates the dark and loves to be near us.  We never let this happen with M Bug which is something I regret but bygones, y'all.  I love this.  I never thought we would be okay with this and we are.  She is happy, she sleeps in every day and she sleeps better this way (most nights.)
Missy likes to pick dandelions.  With her sweaty hot little hand folded into mine, she tugs me along and we look all over the yard for dandelions. She does this like it is her job and she is so gleeful when she finds some.  "Look Mommy. Look.  Why my hand yellow?"
Missy is a red head.  Plain and simple.  M Bug is more of a strawberry blond color where as Missy is just outright curly haired red head.  She is fiery and strong minded and fearless.  The craziest thing has been the sheer number of people who stop me on the street and in the store, just about every where to tell me/us how beautiful her hair is.  However to date my favorite people to stop me are the older people. 

Namely the sweetest and cutest little old men stop us.  Now stop seriously these are like men who clearly never stop to talk to young women and their children but they literally cannot help but smile at Missy.  One little old man with a cane in hand, probably close to 80, stopped by us at Target today and said "I am sorry my dear to make a bee line toward you.  I never do this but I had to stop and tell you how lovely her hair is.  I once knew a lovely red head girl just like this and now she is a beautiful gray haired grandmother.'  He walked off after staying hello to Missy and I swear there was a pep to his step.  My heart just exploded. 

I am constantly amazed by the effect her hair color has on people and how she takes this attention.  Missy just grinned at him and she just looked him right in the eyes and smiled.  Normally she is terrified of people, especially men.  And when I say terrified I mean seriously we see M Bug's friend L's mother every single day and Missy still freaks out every time she sees her.  There was another older gentleman who really wanted to say hello and Missy just grinned at him as we passed.  She said to me " Mommy why that man smile and wave at me?"  She has no idea of course.  I just love this about Missy.  I love that she is a red head and that she is sweet to these people, that she takes that attention in stride and smiles that pretty smile.
Missy is my girl.  I just cannot imagine my life without her.  Without her beaming sweet love.  Her flower child happy go lucky personality.  She will give me these looks that just kill me.  I can never stay upset with her, nor should I obviously, but she is just a charming gal.  She is relentless.  She likes gum.  She loves her babies - we are at close to a dozen.  She loves computers.  She likes to shop.  She eats sand and dances in the yard.  She can dribble a basketball and wrestle with Matthew without fear.  She likes band-aides.  She loves school and really wants to go there.  She throws herself off of high places and giggles.  She is amazing.
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