Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reluctant... or is that Regretful?

I am running again.  I cannot decide if I am reluctant or regretful.  I regret not running through the latter part of 2010 and the early part of 2011.  I regret letting things go fitness wise the past few months.  I regret gaining a bunch O weight the past few months.

Ah, but I am being a tad dramatic.  I actually worked out a lot more than I ever have through the holidays.  I rode the recumbent bike and lifted weights but I was never consistent.  My actual goal was to get fit by doing something other then running.  I had big plans to start swimming.  I even filled my bag with caps and goggles and a suit.  Then I wimped out.  I have no idea why.  I always do when it comes to swimming again.  I wanted to do more weight workouts then I did.  I feel like that is where I have been falling short in my fitness goals but that is something for another time. 

I did gain weight.  I did NOT care about what I ate.  I kept saying "next week..." then the next week would come and I would give it another week.


I have been begrudgingly running.  A total weekend warrior.  I would run here and there. I would be sore and achy for a day or two then wait a week between run.  Rinse repeat.

SO I signed up for a 5k race that will take place on April 16.  I did this about two weeks ago.  I will give you a moment to let that sink in. I have literally run about a dozen times since the last 1/2 marathon in October 2010.  I have no plans to run fast.  I have no plans to finish at top of my age group.  I plan to run smart, I plan to have fun, I plan to enjoy a hopefully beautiful Spring summer morning (raining would be okay too!), I plan to get a new t-shirt! 

Right now I am trying to get in about 4 runs a week and ride the bike 1-2 times per week.  I have no running schedule.  I am just doing anywhere from 2-3 miles a run and I am trying to stay within a 10-11 minute mile, no faster.

I am not doing any special diet though I am considering cutting out some items like bread at every meal and work on reducing the amount of food items that we consume made with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which mostly just means consuming less pre-made foods.  We shall see.  I heart carbs!  And giving up some of the convenience foods that help us enjoy more time with the kids is hard to consider.

For now, I am running just for fun, just to get fit again, just because YAY it's SPRING!
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