Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Evening Lighted
Rainbows by Missy and I
BEWARE of the exploding tree!
Retreating at Deer Park Manor
Lego Land
I have been playing with color and light and images.
Spring is here.
The lighting is so amazing this time of year!
Many of these are from our work
retreat location last week
and were done on my phone camera.
Tonight the tiniest sliver of a moon
is hanging in the sky.
I always love this.
The dark side of the moon.
It is cold and brisk out there
this evening
with that fresh earthy spring smell rising
from the ground.
I walked slowly from the gym to my car.
I did not rush like I do in the winter months.
I do not mind the brief forays back
into winter cold
because I know it is ending.
Bright yellow daffodils
deep purple crocus flowers.
The neon colors of trees and bushes.
The grass has tiny little blades
so soft it is like touching baby skin.
Fat robins and thin wisps of rabbits
bob and weave across the grass.
The kids shriek and run around the yard
escaping the house, their coats,
bare feet already slapping on the concrete
sand and old mulch spreading across
the kitchen floors, our beds, the couch.
Pollen is floating down like snow
Spring is here like a tiny blessing.
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