Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun Break

Dear Mother Nature,
We are enjoying a brief moment
of sunshine between the
many many many
raindrops we have had.
The kiddos are sickos right now.
M Bug can hardly breath or talk.
He is hacking and wheezing
croupy and tired
from barely sleeping.
We sat up last night,
he and I,
watching Enchanted.
Watching him watch the movie
was pure comedy
but you do not care
about that do you,
dear Mother Nature?
But just so you know,
Missy has been a bear.
Sobbing, screaming, and flopping about.
Even this trip outdoors
was a bit of a dud.
She wanted to lay on me
as she was so, so tired...
Sunshine and summer please come soon.
I am tired of sickos.
Sincerely, Me
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