Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

Gotta love the air conditioning unit
in the background.
Stunning views.

Obviously these are all taken on the same Sunday,
a few Sundays ago.
Surely not recently given the COLD weather
we've had again.
Also, Missy looked super cute!
Me?  Not so much. 
I did not shower and looked scary.
Oh well.
Oh hey it is Easter this weekend.
EASTER is usually kind of fun.
So not looking forward to it.
I have two reasons why.
Reason #1:
I am tired of pretending to be
a Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus/Elf/Leprechaun
and now a flippin' bunny.
Reason #2:
My children are into the
outdo one another mode.
Does this ever end?
M Bug likes to WIN WIN WIN.
Missy does not like to be OUTDONE.
They have been fighting NON stop.
Driving us zee CRAZEE.
They fight over everything and anything
M Bug's Birthday gifts
were a complete and total disaster.
In Missy's defense, she was exhausted
but she literally cried/screamed for two hours
about those presents, the opening of,
the playing with after they were open
even though K's sis sent along a giftie
for her to open.
M Bug was snarky and mean to her
about it all
at one point he TACKLED her
and literally lifted her off her feet
and threw her down on the ground!
(all because she opened one of his cards...)
Now I get to run interference between
them over EGGS?!
Little delicate painted eggs.
Frick and frack.
I tried to make sure I balanced
out their Easter baskets
but I have this feeling
one child will look into
another child's basket
and say 'Why does SHE
have more than me?'
Pessimist I say!
No, he is just a grass is greener
on the other side kind of a kid.
And so I get the change to yet
again practice patience.
The universe is telling me LOUDLY
that I must become a patient person.
Interior mantra for Easter:
practice patience
practice patience
practice patience
practice patience
practice patience

May your day be filled with love and happiness
many plastic pastel eggs
Cadbury creme filled eggs
and Starburst jelly beans.
Possibly some marshmallow Peeps!
Happy Earth Day and GOOD FRIDAY TOO.
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