Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I kind of semi-closed my blog.  I was reading some articles about posting photos of the kids and I got a little freaked out by it all. I have off and on here and there thought about closing it all together or just invitied a select few that I want to know more about me and what we are doing.  In the past I closed it and opened it again almost immediately.  Lately I have been checking my stats religiously and I hate to see people in places like Slovenia and Russia viewing my blog when I mostly post photos of the kids and who are they and why do they never post and why do I get random WEIRD followers with no blog from Taiwan?!  ACK!!!

 I know the majority of things I post are fine and really do consider the content of the photos before posting them but still... SO here I am.  Semi closing only inviting certain people to view.  I do not have a lot of readers as it is and I love blogs and blogging. I love to see into the small window of your lives through bloggin and I would be sad if every blog I read suddenly shut down or ceased to exist but I feel a little like my hands are tied.  I feel sad that I have become so hyper sensative about who might steal the images of my children and use them for... what?!  Weird things I do not want to even imagine my worst nightmares.  Sadly it feels like more and more like there are stories that come up about things like that. 

I may reopen it down the road and decide to NOT post photos or I just may keep it closed.  Regardless I hope the few who are invited enjoy reading and viewing the photos!

Love, ME :)
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