Friday, May 27, 2011

Catch Up

Our brilliant parenting moment this month: we bought Missy a new bed.  YAY, right?  A twin bed.  To go on her DOUBLE bed headboard.  I am kind of glad.  I think a full bed would have been huge for her.  I also think the green eyed monster in the form of her brother would have reared its ugly head.  Oh well.

I went with the Haley bedding from PB.  I heart PB.  Total no brainer.  Before I even gave Missy options, before we looked at pictures without a doubt she told me owl sheets.  OWL.  Not sure exactly where she got the idea but she is SO geeked about them.  I bought her an owl pillow from Target today and dude I think I totally won parenting points she was SO geeked about that pillow.  Still work to be done.  We moved her room all around sans headboard :(.  I want to find some owl type cards to replace the current pics in two frames.  I have an Etsy site I love but I am not sure I want to commit to the Etsy pricing on something I think she will outgrow in the next few years.

Missy had her first UTI this week.  I do not want to get too specific but the reason for the UTI has been a massive panic.  I am not happy about the situation and I am not happy about having to make a HUGE decision about having to deal with the issue.  UGH.  Being the responsible adult parent type figure?  It's hard.

M Bug has his graduation from Kindergarten next Friday.  Let that one sink in.  So weird.  I will have a first grader after the 8th of June.  Also, I did not know I was supposed to be the pre AND post Kindergarten photo!  HA.

I have been trying a new workout schedule.  More cross training, less running.  I think I gained weight... It probably needs some more time and maybe more commitment.  Also, I need my kids to stay healthy for five minutes!

I am getting super excited to head to KY for a little family trip soon.  Pseudo camping at Mammoth Caves.  When I say pseudo I mean we are staying in a cheesy hotel in the area! 

I know I have more to say but less is more so for now this is it!  Happy Memorial Weekend!
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