Thursday, May 5, 2011

EB Day

The only basket shots
Missy and I slept in
M Bug and K were up
a good two hours before us
waiting and clearly they
have explored M Bug's basket.
The big gift from EB
were pillow pets:
a moose and a dog.
Both kids love them!
Missy thinks jelly beans are da bomb.
Jelly bean hunting
More beans
She ate her weight in them
plus some.
Checking out the haul
Me, looking totally hawtt
The hunt is on!
Hide and Seek
Oh poor Missy she barely had a chance
See that flash behind her?
Yup M Bug racing to get the egg.
She did find some
and M Bug did actually do an awesome
job helping her...
at first :)
He was ALL business however.
Egg hunting = serious business!
"Look MA an egg
and it's empty?!
Counting his haul
We were just discovering
that we were missing a few eggs
EB left us a clue about the number of eggs
he hide
(wink wink)
That was the LAST egg.
Easter seems like it was billion years ago already!
We made ham, Paula Dean's roasted pototoes,
maple glazed carrots, and bread.
I also made homemade Strawberry Shortcakes
(Paula Dean too!)
It was rainy so we spent the day in the house
and ate like mad!
Easter was great.

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