Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Just Hormones

Random stuff:
Loving The Voice.  Kind of a fun twist on the music talent shows.  Plus I like the artists who are playing the game/picking the people to be on their teams.  I cannot watch American Idol anymore, just too much of the same thing.  This seems fresh and new.  Probably because I like it, it will not do well :)

I picked up the book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane at Sam's Club ($4 bucks!) to read to M Bug.  He loved another book by the author: The Tale of Despereaux.  Kate DiCamillo is the author.  She wrote Because of Winn Dixie too.  Any who, M Bug and I finished Edward Tulane in two days.  It was SO great!  I totally sobbed like a baby at the end too.  We are going to try some of her other books.  I am thinking The Magician's Elephant and maybe her Mercy Watson books.  All of her books are so highly rated on Amazon I cannot decide!

I went to get make-up at the Clinique counter this past weekend and left feeling old.  Both items I wanted were discontinued.  Bah.  The girl was kind of a b-word about it all so I ended up with some weirdo products because I just wanted what I liked and WHHHHY was it discontinued.  BAH.  The Clinique girl was hell bent on my OILY skin.  I wanted to shout in her face - 'it is not oily, it is effing hormonal from two pregnancies and four different oral contraception options that made me crazy in the span of six months and I am not taking ANYTHING now due to the crazy thank you so very much for noticing that I look like I am 37 but with the skin of 14 year old teenage boy and the winkles of 50 year old'. I thought better of shouting in her face and paid my $50 dollars and slunk off to put my oily skin cover up in the make up bag "for later".

Oh hey M Bug lost tooth number four.  At school.  The kid has more stories about losing his teeth!  Photos to follow.  Totally exciting right?!

M Bug's field trip to a farm was cancelled this week.  Both K and I were scheduled to go.  I am sad. I was looking forward to saying hi to all of the farm animals.  I also think I am taking it worse than M Bug is... hormonal much?!

I've been trolling Etsy.  I try not to as it is dangerous.  I find it hard to do this without wanting to buy a million billion things.

Oh, I totally noticed that this weekend is Mother's Day.  Like just today.  I think it might have been more fun for me to just not notice that Mother's Day is this weekend however I wondered why every time I opened MSN it kept reminding me to get a gift for my Mother and just today I started to wonder WHY!?  Oops.  Off to buy my Mom some flowers now!

The forecast tonight has a frost warning.  Next week it is supposed to be 80 degrees.  This weather is weird.

We are going to Kentucky, Washington, California/Canada, and Florida this year.  Two of those trips have been booked.  I am very much looking forward to Kentucky right now. I am having a hard time concentrating (or could it be HORMONES!)

I cleaned our bathroom last night.  It took me close to two hours.  I hate cleaning our bathroom.  I hate HGTV for perpetuating the myth that having a large master bath is a good thing.  It is stupid.  Never do I want a HUGE bathroom again.  Not joking.  Nope.  HATE IT.  Cleaning that stupid thing takes a herculean effort on my part.  There are a lot of things I hate about house cleaning.  I mean I hate it all but that bathroom?  PURE EVIL.  But it is clean for another six months (hahahahaha... kind of.)

Oh hey I totally went to meet with my college roommate on Monday. She was in town (here in Indiana).  She had/has? a brain tumor that nearly killed her five years ago.  She has had two surgeries and now she is having a 10 week radiation treatment, here in Indiana.  She and her husband were actually both my roommates.  It was good and weird and good to see her.  Good but under weird circumstances. She has a 6 yr old and a 9 yr old.  I knew about her story from different sources over the past few years she filled me in on the holes in that story.  She is a smart beautiful strong woman.  It is fascinating to me much like many of the illnesses that have happened over the past seven years that I am reminded to be GRATEFUL.  Grateful I am healthy.  Grateful my kids and husband are healthy.  Grateful to be able to deal with the crazy mean Clinique lady and clean my gnarly bathroom and I get to be sad about missing the farm visit and see M Bug lose his tooth (in school!) I get to read books to the kids and play outside on a sunny day.  I get to do this stuff because I am alive and well and so are they. I get to hug and hold them and kiss and hug them.  Grateful for life.

To this day, I still do not know how all of these amazing people (Zach and Barb and Ric and Ann and Carie) have done it.  I feel I am a lesser person for being so scared of dealing with massive illnesses.  They terrify me.  Carie said 'the thing that motivated me and helped me push through all of this, even to do this radiation even though I do not want to are my kids'.  I can only hope I would be so brave and strong and amazing through something like that especially for my kids.  I am not sure I would be, I hope I would be but I have great role models to learn from.  However, Cancer still sucks.

The end.
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