Thursday, May 19, 2011


If Jesus comes back and God ends the earth on Saturday, I just want to say it has been lovely knowing y'all.

I love my kids.
I love my husband.
I love my family.
I love my dogs.
I love my friends.
I love my co-workers.
I love Spring and Summer and Fall.  Winter sucks so booyah to that.
I love listening to giggles and snores and silly jokes.
I love naps and reading and writing and singing along to loud music in the car by myself but also with Missy!
I love the ocean and the mountains and California and patchouli (no, really I do!)
I love running and hiking and biking.
I love a lot of things but Lordy if it is not true... THE SKY IS FALLIN' THE SKY IS FALLIN'! 

In a fond tradition which I am stealing from someone else but I would totally invite Jesus over to my house if the rapture does occur. I would make him my world famous (!?!? freakin' Toll House stole my recipe mkay!?) chocolate chip cookies and serve him some organic milk mostly because that is all I have to serve and I will sit him down and ask him important things like 'do Elvis and John Lennon sing duets in heaven' or 'is Princess Diana still alive because I know she is and she's living in Portland OR as a hippie home schooler earth momma' (just a theory, no thought put into that one AT ALL!)  And really why can't we say his Daddy's name in vein because if it were not a rule with a negative message as in "don't use the Lord's Name in vein" it would be more like a good thing, you know?  You know important things.


That's it if the world is ending on Saturday, on Friday, I am getting the biggest hot fudge milkshake they make at DQ and I am TOTALLY getting drunk.  Thankfully it is close to end of the season for Friday Night Lights!  I love that too.

(BTW have you missed me!?) (can you tell I having been texting, tweeting and on FB more?  LMFAO.) 
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