Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Carnival: Missy Edition

Missy had as much fun
at M Bug's Spring Carnival
as M Bug did.
She had her cheekies painted
with a butterfly and heart.
She was so sweet about it.
She did not touch her face
and she was super careful
swiping her hair out of her face.
She loved it
and just stared at herself
in the mirror when we got home!
She also loved the lollipop.
See look a lollipop, Momma.
She would not stand still
and just smiled and grinned the whole
way through
going from activity to activity
loving every minute of it.
I took this photo of Missy
RUNNING during the school cake walk.
She totally won dessert for us
in said cake walk.
Parenting Score!
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