Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sometimes the weekends are a blur
of noise and shouting
happy and uphappy
of activities and fun
and much much more.
I felt like it might be fun
to actually document this
because the blur of it all
makes me forget
and I do not want to forget it
one day when the kids are gone
and all is quiet.
This past holiday weekend
was no exception.

Friday evening:
Soccer - M Bug
Picked strawberries (Tis the season!)
Dinner on soccer nights = Adventure of epic proportions
Me: allergy sickness = misery

Muffins from Kroger (SO good)
Garden/pull weeds in the backyard (EPICCCC)
Check out the storm damage on that side of town
Soccer - M Bug
Sam's Club
Borrow chain saw
Cut down the rest of the
half fallen down tree
Clean up debris
Play outside with the kids
Pool time in the yard
Olivia the neighbor over
Run to Kroger for dinner
Water the front yard flowers
(this is epic in the summer)
Run - me
Run - K
Vacuumed with Missy
Get the kids to bed (always EPIC)
Cleaned two bathrooms
Go to the beer store
(Yes, nasty and sweaty after the run ;)!
Drink the beer on the back deck
Watch the sun set
Word of the day: EPIC

Weed the backyard
Can I just stop and tell you this:
Brilliant husband quote:
"I spread the black eyed susan seeds last year
thinking that would get rid of the problem"
Spread... like fucking wildfire.
Any who...
Shower, get dressed
Meet friends at the Splash pad
with the kids
Apply sunscreen
Play/stand around getting a SUNBURN
Go home
K bought three new trees
Planted a new one where the old one fell over!
Wash up
Let small children zone out on a movie
Friends over for a BBQ
Play/sit around drinking beer
Friends go home
Water front yard
Beer on the back deck

Eggs and hash browns
Weed the backyard (SERIOUSLY.)
Picked strawberries
Movie with the kids:
Kung Fu Panda 2
Run - Me
Run - K
Kids in the backyard pool
Logan over for sun, fun and pool time
Visit with all of our neighbors
K planted the other two trees
where two died in the ice storm
Note to self: we like trees and storms suck.
Put the kids to bed
Brought clean laundry up
Folded clean laundry
(usually a Sunday thang so it was nice to have an extra day!)
Watched Civil War show on the History Channel
We are kind of into the Civil War
after our visit to Gettysburg
before M Bug was born
Put away our clean laundry
showered (I know that is gross that I did not shower
after running... trust me I felt NASTY)
Computed (LOL)

This weekend was indeed EPIC!
Also seemingly the norm.
Soccer end this weekend FINALLY.
School ends next week FINALLY.
Camp starts for  M Bug
so we will not have any activities
for the kids.
M Bug gets enough out of camp
arts & crafts
you name it camp delivers
Which I love.
I glad it is summer though the heat already? 
Kind of the pits

I set some goals for the summer!
I want to try for a sub 23 time in a 5k race
The goal to try for that will be
the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5k race
That would be my fastest time ever
well I may have run faster than that at 23
but let's just pretend EVER.

I also have decided this is the summer
to lose that last 10 lbs
of baby weight from 2004... Ha.
I am at xxx weight right now.
I want to be xxx weight by the end of the summer
(that xxx is not a typo - publishing the weights might be annoying)
Or down a clothing size (X size to X size)
Or just more fit
IE: no more flappy arms and legs :)
Just in time for the 20 yr reunion, yo.
More on this reunion stuff another time.
For now, LATER SK8TER (how 80s of me...)
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