Thursday, June 16, 2011


I think I managed to re-open this blog?  Maybe.  I did it on the fly so I might be wrong.  No reasons in particular for opening it back up, I am just back and forth on my thoughts about what to share and when and with who.  I am kind of back to who cares who reads it. Especially now that I want to document some things and I am hoping to read and get feedback more again.

I had some concerns this past year with Public Education (big P big E for a lot of reasons).  K and I do not agree on private schools.  I am prepared to spend the money on them and he is not.  SO I decided last week after we received the LAME-ness that is our local public school's report card that I am going to pseudo home school my kid.  He will still go to public school and I accept that.  What I do not have to accept, what I can do/control is what we are doing at home.  I always planned to do some kind of bridge educational work in the summers.  Ashley did it with M Bug last summer and he went into K comfortably ahead.  He was always ahead but being bored was the bigger problem.  He was sitting there knowing the colors and shapes and how to write and read them long before most kids could even figure out the difference between brown and blue.  BORED.

Than I met this mother from FL with two boys both of whom she is homeschooling.  It gave me the idea to stop being angry at the system and find away around it.  I determined there is a way to  help M Bug be less bored in school like he was this past year and help him find his way in the world, deepening his already amazingly diverse interests something schools just DO NOT DO ANYMORE! 

He loves snakes and dinosaurs and bugs and exploring nature.  He pours over books about these types of things.  At this age he is naturally curious and wants to learn.  I feel like public education and the ensuing social hierarchy that is already in place crushes that in kids.  If M Bug knows he can come home and have fun learning perhaps that will replace the sullen angry little boy I dealt with all year long.

It has been night and day since school ended for him.  Everyday throughout the school year, I felt his rage fill our car on the ride home.  He is not a talker by nature holding his cards close to his chest and cannot be implored to speak about things that bother him.  No amount of cajoling, threats, or anger on my part could get help him or get him to talk.  It was frustrating to say the least. 

Luckily we got a sneak peak at the class lists for next year and I know he will be in the same class again with his bestie and a couple of other great kids from his previous class.  The most troublesome boys including the worst of the worst, the bully who liked to push people down and toted pretend guns & knives killing people off ad nasueum are NOT in his class!  I am praying that those kids were flukes and the rest of the first graders are nothing like those boys from his K class.  He admitted to me that Ky and Ly were mean and hurt his feelings and made him very angry often, most days even.  That was heart breaking to hear.   I was angry with him often because of his attitude and now I feel guilty for being so angry.  I knew there was more of course I had no idea how much more...

So my plans are to cover some of what he will learn in First grade based on the curriculum guidelines in a fun way.  He actually loves doing the summer homework sheets that were sent home and he is basically reading so we will keep doing that stuff.  Our first section/course for next couple of weeks will be to cover the section called National Symbols to coincide with the 4th of July!

I also plan to implement an actual physical activity after school everyday next year.  M Bug always wanted to play on the school playground which I cannot do as I have to pick Missy up.  Then we got home and M Bug would watch Arthur to decompress.  That worked initially but after a few weeks it stopped working.  I think if we can find SOMETHING fun to do that gets some of the "crazies" out of him it will help.  By next year Missy will hopefully be a tad more manageable in the listening dept. so I am hoping to take them to Y or just out and about to run around.  SO that is where were are.
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