Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This 'N That

Hmm the extra bridge school work stuff has taken a backseat to the fresh hell that is sibling fighting.  NON STOP all weekend long.

Oh well.

We did a lot of fun things though.  M Bug and I hit a park together sort of on the fly which let to hunting for fossils. K and Missy also hit a park, on purpose.

Missy and I hit the dog food place and had a girl's lunch together while the boys hit Dicks and had a boy's lunch together.  We all met up at B&N where M Bug got to spend a birthday gift card from my friend, Jen, (HI, I am waving at you right now!!)  He bought sticker book stories buy two get one free so he bought his sister one without asking.  Because he totally wants to make us think he likes her.  I also added in some extra money so he could get a Green Lantern book.

Heh, speaking Green Lantern M Bug told me this morning to give his Batman shirts to his friend, L.  He said "eh I do not like Batman any more."  Ohhh kay.

M Bug hates storms with a fiery passion these days.  I mean like ever since the bad storms a few weeks back he's been obsessed boy.  He knits is brow, he cries and covers his head at the mere mention of the word tornado, he makes us watch the weather channel than report to him the findings, this list goes on and on and on...  He knows more about storms and clouds and rain than any kid his age should.  He even engaged in a lengthily conversation with L the other day half way between the two houses about the supposed storms that were coming our way and whether they would produce a tornado or not.  To say that K and I are at wit's end would be a complete understatement.  We want him to know it is okay to be scared but we have given him every tool known to man kind to understand the weather.  Nothing seems to work and actually more and more knowledge seems to fuel the fire.  I am hoping this is just a stage that will pass but boy oh boy it makes a rain storm seem like a nightmare of epic proportions.  AND I love storms worse yet!

We thought about taking the kids to Cars2 this weekend but things got so bad we pulled the plug on it.  That's okay.  It gives us something to do this weekend or next.

We have another adventure coming this weekend, more on that later.  Now I am off to work.
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