Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adventure A La State Park

We recently decided to try to have more
adventures around our neighborhood.
It is easier, cheaper, and the drive is short
(see also the kids can only harm each other a little...)
At first we planned to just go for a hike
Than there was a music and craft fair happening...
So we hit the park thingie,
Park Museum.  The heck?!
Oh well we checked that out first.
We took in some folk music, ate some slushies
and snacks from home.
Missy got a tattoo.
A ladybug was her choice.
Recently this is how all of pictures
with Missy in them look.
Me? I did not shower.
We were going hiking
and it was SUNDAY.
WHAT UP!?  Straight up hippie look YO.
M Bug went for a LION
Err tiger?  It was supposed to be a lion.
It was only $5 bucks, cannot complain.
This made him happy at last.
There were several meltdowns prior to this photo.
Everything is a meltdown laden adventure lately.
AND not from the person you would think
*** ahrmmmatthew***
Lion Reflection
We did eventually go for a "hike"
The waterfall is very pretty at this park.
The white trash? Not so much.
Next time we will go early in the morning to avoid that.
We looked for fossils.
See a fossil in that rock, right?
I felt compelled to let my dearly beloved
know how HWATT I felt after our adventure.
Am cute, right?!
Good times.
There are plans to revisit the cabins
at the park for a weekend now!
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