Friday, July 15, 2011

Born on the Fourth of Joo-lie

Scenic view
Dip N Dots in helmets
You cannot tell from the picture
but it was all of 60 degrees and windy
as all get out
Diggin' In
Fireworks on the 4th of July
Fourth of July this year
was different.
Normally we go to our small town parade
than have friends over for a BBQ
This year we rode a ferry to the most
beautiful place on earth, well one of them
we looked for crabs and shells and starfish
we walked on a quiet private beach
and ate hot dogs over looking the mountains
than we wait for-EVA to get back on the ferry
possibly a low point
We swam in a hotel pool
and went to the Everett Aquasox ballgame
Parts of that game were for me horrific
However I am taking away
that we saw a fun game
in the prettiest little ball field in the west
The views were incredible
the silliness of triple A ball made us all laugh
Missy fell in love with Webly (the mascot)
The kids had Dip N Dots in lil helmets
We saw the most amazing fireworks to date
like having a show on your front porch.
It was fun, it had fun moments, it was just hard.
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