Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Five Might Make You Whistle

M Bug lost his fifth tooth on Sunday! 
Super exciting. 
Also, the second tooth he let me pull out. 
to his relief!
This one hurt.
It hurt him to eat anything harder
than fruit, even hot dogs {{WOE}}
and to brush his teeth,
it just hurt.
This time when I pulled it out,
he did not cry and stamp his foot
yelling at me to put it back in,
glue it!! PUT IT BACK. 
He jumped up giggling and happy! 
He's been working on this tooth for awhile.
Top front right if you are facing him.
He looks like a Jack O Lantern when he smiles!
I told him that five might make him whistle
when he talks.
Sadly it does not.

COME ON SIX, I am looking for a whistle! :)
I will post photos later.
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