Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Cusp of Three

Missy Kae,

I am early in writing this but I generally get to thinking about the time before you and M Bug were born.  Like the week or two before the actual birth date, how it was like to be pregnant with, what I thought you all might be like and how you have turned out.  We will be celebrating THREE on Saturday in the form of a party.  Than your "real" birthday on Tuesday. 

How and when did three happen?  I ask myself this all of the time even though I felt I was even more present and less rushed with you than I ever was with M Bug.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three years with you in our family.  Oh sure, I may feel at my wit's end often when you and your brother fight over things that seem so little to me but most of the time I filled up with joy and happiness.  The girl with a million nicknames: Miss, Missy, Missy Kae, MK, Mar, Bug, Buggie, Sweet Lady, Baby Doll, Girlie... the list goes on. 

You are light.  You are happiness personified.  You are a ball energy and sunshine.

You traipse into a room, you never walk, as if to say HI and LOOK AT ME!

Your giggle is out of this world. 

I still love the way your curly red head smells and how soft your skin is. Still my baby, but not quite. 

You like dolls, babies and "making someting to eat in the basemet" for Daddy.  You haul around several bags and purses and babies.  You are going shopping for "some food and stuff!"

You do not like to be ignored (well who does!)  You will raise you voice if you suspect someone is not listening to you.  Than if that fails you will flat out say "Mommy you are not listening to me!" 

You ride your scooter and you like to race.  You bike super fast and you are just dying to keep up with M Bug on his bike.

You are sensitive.  If I am sad, you curl up in my lap and say "don't be sad Mommy.  It's going ta be okay."

You like to help with the house work, pulling out your wee little vacuum to 'clean up'.

You love your "kid's music" and sing along to all of the songs. "Turn it up louda!"

You love to read and will sit for hours listening to and looking at books.

You have a big girl bed and a big girl room.
You use the potty and have big girl undies.
You eat with a regular plate and silverware, just like us.
You can get yourself water and snacks.

Last year at this time you were in a crib, with a change table in your room, diapers in the cupboard, plastic plates and kiddie forks and I had to do everything for you.  What a difference a year makes!!!

You are bashful around people but once you get comfortable you are just comfortable.  You put on show and giggle and play and have fun.

There is an ease about you though when you are at home with just the family.  You just calmly go about your day.  Not much ruffles your feathers.

Though you are still not a fan of loud things like trucks.  You still cover your ears and run to us for protection.

You are an explorer now though.  A year ago, bugs scared you.  Now you pick up every creepy crawlie that you find without a thought.

Every night you sleep in our bed.  I love this and I feel a little lonely the few times you've made it through the night in your own bed. 

You love Mickey Mouse Club House, Dora, Max & Ruby, Scooby Doo, Calliou and Olivia.  The only show you like that Matthew watches is Arthur!  Most other shows are not of interest to you and you just go find something new to do when those are on.

I love love love that play along with the shows, something your brother never really did.  You shout the answers out or run up to the TV to point to the right answer.

You are all about when things happened.  'Did that happen before I was borned or after?'

You love pictures. Taking them, looking at them, learning from them.  I think that is neat.

You are not a girlie girl and you are not a tomboy.  Sort of in between.  You are not a fan of princess or fairies but Barbie is okay.  You do not really like dresses and prefer shorts/pants and t-shirts, your flippy floppies (heh).  You hate having your hair up at all and you only tolerate it up for a little bit. 

You love to give big huge long hugs, the best hugs I have ever had from anyone.

I love who you are, who you are becoming day by day, step by step.  I love the sweet ruffled look you have first thing in the morning, how you wake up calmly and quietly and with this sweet relaxed look on your face.  I love that you nuzzle into me and I will whisper "Missy, I love you, you're my girl" and you will whisper back to me "Momma you my girl too.  I wuv you." 

Three.  It's huge.  So much to look forward to, so many adventures and memories to be had.  Happy 'Soon-To- Be-Three' day Miss.  You are my girl always, pinkie swear.

Love and great big hugs to you,

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