Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenes: Pac NW Style

I love that every place I have either lived or visited,
I have loved.
Even Fort Fun had some minor good points
and it was definitely the place I liked the least.
I firmly believe that you can make a place
good or bad
depending on your attitude.
If you look only for the bad, then it sucks.
If you look only for the good, it becomes home.
Seattle is just a breathtaking land.
It may be cold and rainy most of the year
but in rain or sun
the views and the vistas,
the water and the beaches
makes this one of favorite places on earth.
Second only only to Hawaii and No CAL!
Oh West coast how I miss you
Beach wood
Crabby seaweed
Beaches on the Puget Sound
are so different
from the beaches in Nor Cal.
They are rocky ankle breaking affairs,
breathtaking amazing beautiful beaches.
Beach Entrance Funk
Beach Graffiti
Finding a way to succeed
Hiking Drama
Baby Seuss Firs
Sky Drama
Docking, Muk style
Stranger in a strange land
Silent observers
or a remake of Birds
I kind of did look around
for Hitchcock a few times...
The gulls are intense!
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