Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This has been… oh this has been...
one helluva summer for me
Good and bad mixed up into extremes
All of which have made for a stressful on edge feeling
all summer long

Right now I am trying with all of my might to salvage
the horror of this summer thus far.
I am trying to figure out what exactly
I am loving this summer.

All of M Bug’s camps:
The camp counselors from his sports camp
(best kids on earth: Ashley, Mitch and Bryan you totally deserve gold stars!)
Adventure camp
The camp trips (the zoo, the pool, state parks, Cars2 3D, etc…)
Shopping at the Zulily site
The look I will get for buying this (adoration is the look BTW)

Looking at paint colors for the house
Fixing the sliding glass door upstairs
The garden & all that it provides us during the summer months
The heat (what?  I kind of love it...)
Pool planning!

Going to the Shoe Fulfillment Center AGAIN!
Getting ready for fall Soccer, M Bug ages up too!
Gymnastics + Missy = Super Duper excited child

Missy's 3rd birthday!!!
Watching the kids play together
Blueberry picking and Exotic Felines
Icy cold beers on hot nights on the back deck

Fireflies, summer flowers and pulling weeds
(yes, I like to pull weeds!)
Dramatic summer sunsets and HUGE full moons!
Running outside in the heat
(Hi Melissa, this is me looking at you ;)!

School supplies are in the air
Fall races to look forward too!
First grade for M Bug
Missy moving to her new childcare situation

Hugs and kisses and tender moments that DO exist...
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