Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worth Noting

Have I mentioned that around the holidays
M Bug made a conscious effort
to stop sucking his thumb? 
And he did it??? 
He stopped sucking his thumb
totally maybe about six months ago!??! 
My kid,
at least he's stronger than me
once he's made up his mind!

He also barely needs his blanket any more. 

He is really great at Flag Football. 
It is neat to see him learning about it
and trying it without fear
and talking about it with zeal and excitement!!!

M Bug is back into animal shows
and has been totally into watching Animal Planet. 
He love the big cats. 
I think this stuff challenges him,
I am not sure how or why
but it does and I like that!

He was at Level 16 reading
when he finished Kindergarten!!!

I am so proud of him
I could just squish him!! 
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