Wednesday, August 17, 2011

House Updates

Ashley, our no longer nanny, now just our amazing friend
made these for Missy for her birthday
They turned out amazingly well
She used birds and owls
from Missy's room and PB sheets
Missy has been walking around
telling me how much she loves her letters
It was a sad day for me
We hung a shower curtain in the kid's bathroom
I did not want to do it
but we needed another shower
The curtain is the one that used to ours
from our wedding
Nautica I think?
I like how it turned out
We used a curved Kohler rod
Missy loves it too!

We also put up a cork board in M Bug's room,
replaced the light bulbs in our closet,
created a cement form (?) to stop Santana
from digging into our neighbor's yard AGAIN,
and dug a 6 foot 2 inch hole in the backyard
to test for the POOL!
The pool is still on the table for next spring.
Busy weekend.
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