Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Did On Summer Break

The family went to Canada for five days.  I was little unsure about it.  I was excited and happy to have some me time but I was sad, I missed them too.

I did not actually do a lot and I did.

I cleaned, oh I cleaned without interruption and how fab was that!?  I know, shut up, I like to clean it makes me happy but I hate to clean when the family is there because (a) I miss out on stuff if I am cleaning and (b) they make a mess of whatever it is I cleaned about 10.1 seconds after I clean it.  SO I totally got to clean and no one messed with it... until 10.1 seconds after they all piled out of the car into the house!

I made Caprese salad which no one would eat but me and I had a whole container of roasted hazelnut gelato to myself (ha!) and a root beer and sun chips and Oh I ate like crap.  That was neat.  I also forgot to eat.  Often it would be an hour or two after the usual meal time and I would think hmm I forgot something... what did I forget?  OH FOOD.

I slept as poorly as I did when they are at home. Which blows my theory that the fam keeps me up at night.  I mean they do.  Missy is up at least once a night to come into our bed which is hardly a blip any more to me. I just lift her into bed and roll over and we go back to sleep.  However I just sleep like crap.  CRAP.  I had a nightmare involving M Bug.  I was up one night because of the dogs and another night because my stomach hurt and... you get the picture.

I went to the outlet mall by myself.  The drive out there was fabulous. It was a beautiful summer morning and there were little bunnies and deer and sunshine and fog and OH SO PURTY!  But than once I was there it was hot.  I had a sunburn so it was HOTTER still.  I ran from store to store and got what I needed.  The funny thing is that I shopped for the kids!   I did venture into Loft and J Crew which I have missed and I looked around in Gap but really I mostly went to the kids shops.  I also decided that a solo adventure to the outlet mall requires a friend.  The drive back sucked, I was tired and even thought about pulling off at the rest stop to errr ah rest!

The most unusual thing I did was I met with my college roomies plus half of the women's basketball team.  Which is pretty funny. I forgot how tall everyone was that I hung out with!  The two girls I lived with are 6 foot and 6'4"!  OMG.  The shortest girl there was 5'11".  Heh.  Any who, it was fun.  They rented a pontoon boat and we sat out there for about six hours drinking and talking and it was a good time.  I was fried when we got in and I just wanted to go home to sleep.  I did manage to get out to meet them for dinner in town and out for drinks after.  I was glad that my favorite roomie has not changed. She had her usual charm, wit, and intelligence that I loved in college.  It was fun even though I kind of dreaded it.  And I am short!

I played with the dogs. I took Santana to the vet.  I got them special treats and dotted on them.  They seemed to like that.

I ran and worked out.  I had dinner and drinks with a friend.  I got dog food and went grocery shopping.  I changed the light bulbs in the garage so that when the door closes it is not pitch black any more.  I did all of the laundry plus the sheets.

Those were the main highlights.  

I did not get everything done that I hoped to.  I did not go out to the movies like I had hoped too.  I did not get to the paint store to investigate paint colors like I hoped too.   I did not take the dogs for walks like I had hoped too.

The biggest highlight of all was standing in the airport with my SB tall skim milk (no whip) mocha (oh how pretentious!!) craning my neck to see them come down the hallway.  The moment I saw them I broke out into a smile and I was dancing around as much as the kids and I was crying big fat happy tears to see them all.  It is nice to have a break but it is so so so much better to hold my babies in my arms and get kisses and hugs and hear Missy say "Mommy I missed you soooo much.  I love you." 
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