Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day has come and gone.  It was such an amazing weekend. 

I mean this whole-heartedly.  Recently, the kids and life has felt like so much work.  Like I am falling down exhausted and a complete emotional wreck all at once which makes me feel so out of sorts and, well, tired.  I feel less out of sorts right now which is dandy. 

The pre-weekend event was my first time going to a local dive bar to see Gillian Welch.  If you get a chance, check her out.  She and her partner were super cool to watch and listen to, it was fun to get out of the house like a big girl again and just hang out with a good friend!

Besides that, of note, on Friday we had a rousing good time playing games and laughing and just having a good old time outside with the neighbor kids.

Missy has been sick.  We have all been sick.  Missy currently has it the worst.  After visiting with the doc, we decided to go forward with our plans. 

Saturday was hot, like 100 degrees hot.  A while back K promised the kids to go putt putt golfing.  Brilliantly we determined that this day would be a good day to do it!  We sweated our rumps off from the moment we rolled up on this place. 

It was very "worn" out to say the least which was disappointing and not even the low price of it could make it better.  Oh well.  The kids got started with M Bug CLOCKING Missy in the head with his club.  It was awesome.  The sound, the screaming, the goose egg and ensuing bruise on her head.   Oy. 

But really after that?  TOTAL BLAST!  It was a perilous adventure at best :)!  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home, doing I do not know what but it was fun and relaxed and lazy with laundry and yard work and board games.  Later that evening K and I had a little "at home date night" and played Monopoly Deal which is strangely addictive.

Sunday arrived with coolness, sweet cool coolness!  I headed out for my first 3 mile run in weeks.  I am determined to get on the right track.   Oh so punny, I am.  De-ter-mined!!  We spent more time with the neighbor girl before heading out to a men's soccer game.  Such a blast!  First time and it was great.  The weather was a little touch and go but overall three hours well spent for next to nothing (the kids got in free wearing soccer shirts so it was $10 bucks for us)!

Monday, I got a quick two miles in than we headed out to Columbus to get ice cream at the old-fashioned ice cream parlor.  The ice cream place is as cute as I remembered it as is Columbus!  We hit up the outlet mall.  All I can say is Carter's had everything in the store 50% off, I ran wild through the store, grabbing at items willy nilly!!  K and M Bug took off to the ice rink.  K is coaching again and there was extra ice time so M Bug got to skate all by himself on the rink before practice for 30 minutes.  Reportedly, M Bug was in 7th heaven.

Missy and I got to head home, we did groceries and had dinner together.  While it may not seem like much it was just so nice to hang with her especially knowing how badly she was feeling all day long.

I have no idea why the weekend was so amazing but it just was.  It just felt full and rich, happy.  I love where I live and really wild horses could not tear me away from it.  

Taken RIGHT before he clocked his sister...
Taken immediately after her brother clocked her!
Did I mention he aged up in soccer... U8s
which means he is now on an all boys team
no more cutie mixed boys and girls teams
I have mixed feelings about this...
Missy did okay...
We wandered around a lot with her
She ran (like timed wind sprints... don't all three year old do those!?)
she climbed, she lounged, she made friends.
She was all Missy the whole time!
I did not know K took this photo...
Missy was watching two little girls play soccer
She was enthralled.
I was starving...all I could think about was food!
Also, do I look preggers or what? 
Seriously I am not but like total bump slump or what?!
Ice Cream Parlor
At the outlet mall
I swear M Bug is at all of these things
I told him I would be happy to take the many
grouchy faces of M Bug but I guarantee
that when he is 25 and looks back he will
wonder why I only look crabby faced pics of him!
I refuse to do that...
Best part of the whole weekend?
I did not cook one meal. 
We either ate out or just made due
with leftovers/sandwiches.
Now that is a good weekend!
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