Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Changing Seasons

Pumpkin flowers
M Bug
O, the neighbor who calls me her 2nd mom
People who stop by our house who do not know
who she is think she is my daughter
It is all very surreal and random
I love O. 
She has been such a blessing to us
honestly there are days that I do not know
what I would do if she and her amazing family
did not live next door to us.
Also, this photo cracks me up
Like why the hell do you live in a place that 
requires a port-a-potty to be in the
cul-du-sac down the way!?
Driveway basketball game
The other neighbor's flowers are so pretty right now
It is amazing this year. 
Warm and cool
in perfect parts.
There was this amazing moon out tonight
and it was exactly 70 degrees
and it smelled heavenly out there
and it was like the most perfect late summer's eve!
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