Friday, September 23, 2011

Face Time

These punks get so little face time these days
Lucy and Beans
Okay seriously I have no clue why I call
Santana beans
It just went together
Banana Beans
(for real)
Missy even calls him Santana Beans!
Lucy Loo
Loopy Loo
Lucy Goosey
Loop De Loo
Both kids call her Loo, Liu, Lew?
Dude that is a British bathroom!
Issues.  Serious issues.
I was trying to get Santana to look perky.
He was having none of that
Get out of my face with that camera
is what the photo says
'I was sleeping, woman'
If 'Tana were a real dude,
he would totally be Al Bundy
you know from Married with Children?
Yeah.  Lucy's just not that bright
She would be more like...
Dora the Explorer
Oh I joke but I love these two with all of heart
even though they pee all over my shit
and the hair and the doggy breath
and the bad doggy manners when we have guests
and the yapping and digging in my garden
I swear.
They cuddle and snuggle and keep me warm
on cold winter nights.
They love us unconditionally
{sort of}
The conditions include food, water, and back scratches.
Loo and Beans.
They are my punks and I love them
Our original babies of the house!
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