Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If that is a word, it's a weird one.

I have kind of been watching this but not really but kind of.  I just noticed that my post earlier between this blog and the old blog makes ONE THOUSAND AND ONE (well TWO) POSTS.

Kind of neat.  I love my blog.  I have heard tell that blogs on their way out.  I hope not.  I live and die by them. 

I feed my family from foodie blogs. 
I check out fashion on the runway and the streets on fashion blogs.
I learn from other moms across the world on parenting blogs. 
I check out weird insects on that one random insect blog.
I have read about and been humbled by people fighting through strokes and cancer and lost children.
I parent differently because of some blogs, I see more sides to the story of parenting from some blogs.
I am amazed at the frank and truthful stories people will tell about trying to get pregnant and some times the joy of finally getting pregnant but often the pain involved in not.
I check out the most amazing photographs taken by people living England, Australia, Sweden, France and many places across the US all places I WILL one day visit! 
I have discovered new music from blogs. 
I have been empowered and determined to run (again and again) because of blogs. 

I feel like if I did not have blogs I would lose touch with some part of the bigger world that I cannot touch right at this moment.  When I am down, blogs lift me up, make me happier and brighter or humble me, remind we are just fragile human beings who hurt and struggle and we all need a hand to get back up again.

SO to bloggers across the world, I raise by can of LaCroix (what I am at work!) to you!  Here here to BLOGGING and all the wonder and joy it has brought to me and my little life!  Two thousand here I come!!
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