Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pin Me

Oh hush I am such a wanna be sorority girl.  Actually wanna be would imply I wanted to be in sorority when in fact I had no interest in that stuff in university and actually mostly made fun of Greek life with an intense level of contempt and revulsion and possible a smidgen of sarcasm (ME?!) and felt most of those people were... eh anyway let's not get into that.  I am a Sigma Kappa, alumna initiate.  I worked for SK for about a year and half and I loved it!  Good people with strong values!!  And they knew I made fun of greek life and they still wanted me :)!

What I wanted to share is my new found obsession love of Pinterest.  I am totally a newbie.  I was curious about it maybe a year and half ago but it seemed like too much to work to get accepted (it is not) but I finally saw enough stuff about Pinterest that I went for it out of curiosity and started my own space.  My boards are fairly empty and I am just learning but I am SO excited about the possibilities that this place can provide for me! I have seen one friend (Hi Jennifer!) put up ideas for her son's birthdays on there and food and fashion and reading and holy cow it is funner than fun (I just said funner and I do not care lalalalalaala... Oh I care shut up I know it is terrible English but it is so much funner than you can imagine!)

Check it out.  You can follow people and be followed and anytime you find neat things pin them to the respective boards you wish to keep them on and go back and be reminded what you liked and explore the world wide web with new eyes albeit organized beautiful fun new eyes!!!  And possibly LOVE and HEARTS and BALLOONS and RAINBOWS and maybe a tiny bit of shiny silver confetti showering down on you!

So Pin me!  Or just pin yourself or whatever... And be FUNNER like me!
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