Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have let some things go the past few years. I hardly ever read any more.  I do not make photo albums like I used to.  I do not clean like I used to.  I am not as thin nor do I care about my clothing as much as I used to.  I used to be really into fashion and the fashion world, now it is a passing interest.  I used to hike and bike and I was a total exercise freak and geek.  I loved music and was always seeking out new music... okay I do that more now than I ever did before but that is easy to do and about the only thing I do!

Most of the time, the kids come first.  Sometimes K.  Sometimes I even put myself first.

I feel guilty when that is the case.

I started running again in earnest two weeks ago.  I love to run but it got to be a drag and what I realized after the past half year of not running (as much) that if you love to do something so much but it is getting to be a drag, take a break. 

Okay with your marriage or your kids you cannot do that but I realize that one of the good things about running is that I put myself first when I do it.  It is for me, it is about it, it is by me.  But I was feeling guilty about that which is part of the reason why I stopped running (as much) six months ago.  What I recently realized is that by running,  I am taking a break from my kids or K and that makes being with them fresh and happier, lighter and airier.  In short, running is not only physically healthy but mentally healthy for me.  My family benefits from my taking a break from them to run. 

My most favorite photographer/motivational speaker is Dewitt Jones.  He says to re-frame problems into opportunities.  Watch his videos if you have the four grand to buy them or you can get your hands on them!  Especially the one about EveryDay Creativity.  That one changed my world for the better two years ago!  In that video, he tells the story about shooting in Ireland for some kind whiskey advert.  He was shooting on a river and the shots were okay, nothing special.  Than he turned himself around and shot in the other direction.  That was his money shot.  That was one they used in the ad.  He just need to re-frame the shot.  He just need to look at things from another direction.

Every time I start to feel guilty for not spending time with my kids because I am running, I need to remind myself that running is good for my heart and soul, it is my break, it stops me from dragging.  It is a good thing, not a bad thing.  Re-frame, re-frame, re-frame.
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