Monday, September 19, 2011

Round Here

This fall...

M Bug does soccer on Monday evenings (practice) and Saturday mornings (game).

M Bug does swim class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

M Bug will also soon be signing up for basketball (the first grade level!) and hockey (like on the team type thing, O.M.G.)

Busy boy.

School full time.  Currently he is digging math.  He tries to memorize all of the number combos for adding.  It is sort of "weird" that he can add faster than me.  Not an entirely difficult thing to do but possibly I have reached my math skill limit and it is only first grade!  I brought some workbooks I bought a few years back up to his room.  I find him regularly doing those by himself, without being asked.  That is oddly cool!

Reading is going well.  M Bug is funny.  Some days he really digs reading and seems to have no trouble.  Other days?  Not so much.  It can be frustrating.  I do believe on of the reasons this happens is that he has a competitive nature.  He wants to win, he wants to be the fastest at everything.  Math allows for that because he can memorize number combos but in reading he gets words mixed up because he's trying to go to fast.  Slow and steady.

M Bug is a witty, social little dude.  He likes to tell jokes and he is sharp as a tack.  He is great at pointing out when K and I are wrong!

He loves his friends.  After his friends come board games, holy board games.  Then Lego's and making up and acting out stories.  He likes to do "projects".  He is a pretty creative little soul but with a scientific slant to it all?  I am not sure how to explain this.  He just likes to work out how to make things go or work maybe like an inventor?  I do not know.  We just go with it.  As long as he is a happy kid and is enjoying everything that is most important to me!

Missy is doing swim class on Saturday mornings. She did tell me after her first class that her favorite part was getting out.  Ha.  At least, she's honest!
Missy's doing open gymnastics on Friday mornings.

She has been begging me to do gymnastics and she is intensely jealous that M Bug has activities that she does not. In October, she will do an actual class just to see how it goes. It is a 3-4 year old class with more structure than the open gym she has done in the past. I would love to consider soccer and dance class for her but really I am just not going there yet. That all can wait until she is four or five though the lore of seeing her wearing cute little cleats and shin guards or a tutu is there, it can wait.  I can wait.

She loves her art projects.  We did finger paints and stickers and clay and play doh last week.  She loves her drawing board and Lego's only because M Bug does those.  She still loves the same things as before: babies and dolls.  There are too many to name.  Stella and Kayla and Olivia and some other nameless dolls.  Her kitchen area is popular.  She now makes up stories to go along with her dolls and kitchen area!  I have been her grand son, mother, grandmother and daughter recently. 

She still loves dogs though mostly just her own these days and maybe Penny.  And stuffed animals and music.  She has specific songs she really likes and will ask me to play them "louder"!  Ha.  Like mother, like daughter.

She is still strong willed and fearless climbing and jumping from great heights without a fearful thought in mind.  I think that has to do with having M Bug as her brother.  She kicks rump at football and soccer.  She totally has the moves down and really it is amazing to see her catch a football!  She still likes to scooter and bike and run for time ("Time me Momma Time me!")

She is my shadow.  As I have always told her, 'she's my girl' and she now tells me that too :).  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

They are both so big to me.  Obviously M Bug is a boy.  Not a baby, not a toddler, not a small child but more like a boy with leanings toward still being little as evidenced by occasional meltdowns and temper tantrums.  They are far and few between and generally when he is so very tired and yet he will just try to go and go until he is falling down sobbing from exhaustion.

Missy is always telling me "I am getting so big now Mommy" and I am such a big girl, right?" She is. 

I cannot stop time but I do like to reflect here.  It is good to remember today because tomorrow will come so quickly.  I was thinking today how M Bug kind of ducked out from under my hand the other day.  I love to rumple of his hair, feeling the texture of it and his little head under my hand.  I have always done that and I often do that without thinking.  Than he ducked, in public.  He knows.  I know.  He is growing up. 

Missy point out that she is getting to be for me to hold.  She is getting to big to hold for long any more.

Even though they are getting big, they both still like to snuggle on the couch under a fleecy blanket with me watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I'll take it and reflect on today and all that is good and great with them because tomorrow will come too soon...
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