Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Perfection

Here's Missy:
Enjoying a birthday celebration
last week
at her childcare provider's house.
Looking at her here so happy reminds me...
I feel blessed today
I do not know what it is
This fall has been a-mazing
I am excited today
I feel like I can do this
I can do this job and parenting and all of it today
I love my life in a way
that I never thought possible
It is curious how much used to bother me
and how little does these days
It could be worse...
I am healthy
We are healthy
We are happy
We have what we need
We own a home that is my soft spot to land
and it flippin' well went up $20k in value (!)
plus no more PMI
and we have cut our mortgage in half,
15 years to go ba-bee!
We have big plans and little ones
K gets to coach hockey
I get to run
I get to spend special time every day
with the kids, slow time, wandering time
If someone told me I would live here
in this town
in this part of the world
when I was 16
I would have laughed
than pointed my finger in their face
and said 'NOT FUNNY'
The truth is we end up where we should be
we make the best of things
and if we do not, we are failing.
Life's path has been a long strange journey
for me
often one I wonder how did I survive
I have lived and explored many places
I have many more to go
but today, today, I sigh because
this place?
this place is sweet perfection!
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