Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Four: AK to MK

Castle horse photo
M Bug scared witless to go on pirates
Trying to distract Missy
to get her on the ride
it did not work
K and Missy ended up exciting stage right
about 15 minutes into the line
It was probably for the best...
M Bug taking a photo of me,
DOUBLE chin and all.
M Bug waited this one out
he said his feet hurt and he was thirsty
We totally saw a famous dude
I will post that photo later.
I cannot figure out what his name is...
but I will.
Sort of embarrassing I said loudly to M Bug
as famous guy walked by
"That guy is totally famous!"
His wife seemed displeased by my comment.
K and Missy on a magic carpet ride
Here is the moment Bug lost his seventh tooth!
In line for the Speedway ride
Missing toofie #7
Dang Missy's eyes were closed
and I was driving and doing the gas pedal
plus she was nervous.
Oh well.
Funny thing about these photos:
There are pictures of me
maybe a year older
than Missy
like this at Disney World
in 1977!!!
It just made me laugh
It is also my main memory of DW
at that age.
I hated it back than!
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