Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Four: AM (it's almost over I promise :)

This photo just kills me dead.
We had like three or four maps per park
because M Bug had to have one
and because he had to have one
Missy had to have one
so I had three kids looking at maps
trying to find their way around
meanwhile direction-less me
got us where we needed to go
One thumb one thumb
Drumming on a drum
Killing time before breakfast
we did the discovery walk
and wandered around a bit in the AK
M Bug was super amazing with Missy
he was patient and he tried really hard
to get her to calm down when she got anxious.
It was very sweet.
We were a smidge late in the game
with meals
we felt lucky to get a late breakfast
with characters at Tusker House
The good thing is we know the breakfast
and we like the place so it works out
I did want to try a new one this trip
but the timing of the other breakfast
we booked did not work out in terms of Magic Hours
Dancing in Tusker House
Mickey and Minnie ;)
See how calm he is this time!?
I love this one too!
Goofy cracked Missy UP
M Bug took the photo!
Two goofs
Traditional mickey waffle shot
Too bad Missy refused to look at the nice lady
who offered to take our picture for us
(ALSO we are total dorks...)
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