Monday, October 31, 2011


Her wish was to be famous as Disney World
She looked so cute!
Again with kick ass seats for a parade
We were right at the start of the parade again
There was this DW guy
who knew everything there was to know
about DW
He even gave us some insider info
about the Kingdom Keepers
and Avatar (opening in 2013!!!)
Celebrate TODAY!
Parade viewing
We were so close many of the characters
came to say hi or would wink/wave at the kids.
Best parade EVA!
Hook shook M Bug's hand!
One last farewell until 2013...
Missy took this picture
after dinner at the hotel
M Bug took this one
my budding photographers!
We ate dinner
then went to the pool for some swimming fun
We got the kids to bed
about 1/2 hour after M Bug went to sleep
he sat up,
threw up,
cleaned up
and went back to sleep
without incident?! 
Weirdest thing.
We think it had to do with a lot of junk food,
not enough water
on a warmish day.
I think M Bug and I took this one!
The next morning arrived early
Long story short
we had awesome tickets home
we were going to get home in time to
pick up the dogs from kennel
do laundry
get settled in before the week began...
Missy waiting for the bus
K saying we are all SET.
M Bug waiting for the bus

We ended up sitting at ORL airport for six hours
flying through Raleigh Durham
(brand new nice airport)
to home
We arrived four hours later then initially planned
which was WAY better than spending the night in Orlando
Delta Sucks.
My daughter totally unravelled in the airport
and my fellow passengers were kind to us
despite my daughter's massive meltdown!

We made it home and cannot wait to go again
in 2013!!!
The end.
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