Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day One: Epcot

M Bug and I
were super excited
to get a
Porthole bus!
(ME: *hoping* it is a sign of our next trip!?)
Missy was pretty excited too!
Usual Self portrait stuff
We checked in
dropped our stuff in the room
and ran out the door straight away
to eat dinner at Epcot
M Bug could not contain
his excitement about being
K just sat as
far away from us
as possible
trying to pretend that
he did not know us... 
I cannot imagine why?!
(Missy Moose and Stayin' Alive M Bug)
Look kids, a giant golf ball overhead!
First (of many) character stops!

M Bug talking to the birds
Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine
(To Be Continued...)
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