Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Three: AK to HS to Downtown Disney to Epcot to Coronado Springs

One could say we got
our money's worth
from our park hopper passes
on this day!
We did magic hours at AK
to begin our third day.
We knew we wanted to do
a few particular things
done at AK.
Secretly, I love AK.
It's my fav outsides of MK.
Any who... Meeko and the kiddos.
We saw some characters early
Thumper and the kids
The boys did a couple of rides
again Missy was too little for them
We hit the dino ride for
little people
which Missy liked well enough
to do twice but then she suddenly
decided she did not like it
It was the start of a tragic downfall.
That is she did not really want to ride
any rides or do any shows
at all...
She did LOVE the giant dino
Moose Missy and her friend
This show was most definitely
without a doubt a BAD idea.
Even M Bug wanted to leave
half way through!
Safari Ride
Br'er Rabbit!
Camp Minnie Mickey
M Bug climbed up here by himself
So I did and I love it!
Good idea kiddo.
We had an early lunch here.
These messages in the sky
cracked us up.
They were ehem religious in nature
I liked the LOVE one best
Those are M Bug fingers doing the peace sign below :)
We rode Kali River Rapids
not long after.
Of course Missy and I were not
that excited to do it
and I joked we would end up the most soaked
AND we did.
Oh well.
We started to head back to the hotel
to change but than we decided
it was warm enough that we would all dry
out and headed to Hollywood Studios instead.
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