Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Three: AKA the longest day EVA

HS Hat!
I am never very comfortable
in this park.
I know it the least
and there is not much Missy can do
at this point
but we made the best of it!
Again with the topiaries
SO want one of these!!
Missy wanted me to take this photo
with Minnie!
She was so cute about it.
'Momma you must take a picture
of me in front of Minnie, please!'
Little Einsteins
K and I decided to split up
so they could do some of things
Missy would hate
Meanwhile the plan was hit
the Disney Live Stage show
with Missy
which was cancelled TWICE
due to technical difficulties
We made due and bought ice cream
walked around checking out people
and characters.
Handy Manny
(whom I refer to as Handy...
which is weird.)
Photo pass dude mucked up
our card so I am glad I got these photos
of Missy with Pooh
She hugged him so long and hard
like she found a long lost pal!
This is the third time she met Mickey
and she was enthralled with him
as if she were seeing him for the first time!
We did finally get into the Disney Live Stage show
Missy was front row, center
and SO geeked.
At one point during the show
she sat up on my knee, turned to me,
Show sign
I found M Bug looking like this.
Scooby peeking over cracks me up!
It was getting on to be dinner time
so we headed to Downtown Disney
We made friends with a bus driver pair
she was training and he was training her
He was so kind when we ran back into them
on our trek from HS to DD
that he just decided to take us all the way there!
We ate at our favorite location
Wolfgang Pucks
then checked out some of the stores
before calling it a night...

She wanted to dance here so she did!
We actually changed our minds at the last
moment to make a long story short
we took the world's longest trip (EPIC) from
Downtown Disney to Epcot
(by way of Old Key West)
to see the Illuminations show at Epcot
We made it barely
(we were the last one into the park
before they shut the gate)
the fireworks scared the CRAP out of Missy
to the point of screaming panic
so that I just held her trying to calm her
and we made it home at long last around 10pm.
Ahh just one more day of parks to go!
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