Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day Two: Magic Kingdom Day

First character that morning!
We took advantage of magic hours
each day we were there
so seeing these characters
were a breeze!
This park had such cute decorations.
I do not think we intended
to stay the entire day
at MK but we did and
we were glad we did!
It was such fun :)
Two Goofys
Do you see the 2nd Goofy I am referring to?!
Daisy Ducks
This was Missy's ride of choice
She would have done it
over and over again
Actually come to think of it
we probably should have let
her ride it over and over again...
She hated the "dark" rides.
She liked rides well enough
but umm every ride/show at Disney
is dark.
Happiest moment
Hunny pot #1

I packed a TON of snacks
and we save a lot of money with that
AM snacks were the ones I brought
typically and it worked out well
We had enough on our food plan
to last us through all of our meal services
with plenty of fun snack items
like ice cream or churros!
I love Disney because you can make
friends with your "neighbors"
Everyone is from somewhere different
and it just a neat place to be
because of that
These folks were from Brooklyn
and it was cute to see all three kids
enthralled with Dumbo!
Missy and K
I did not notice I cut Dumbo's face off
till we got home :(
M Bug and I on Dumbo! 
Riverboat ride
We did this right after the Haunted Mansion
M Bug said "whyyyy did I choose this one?"
about ten seconds after we got into the
Haunted Mansion!  Heh.
That night Missy had a bad dream.
She told me later that
the dream consisted of ghost
sitting on her head.
There was a ghost sitting on K's head
at the end of the Haunted Mansion ride.
Haunted Mansion
best viewed by my family
from the riverboat!
M Bug and K did this ride
M Bug said it was his fav
He was very brave
this trip doing a lot of things
without fear as
compared to the last two times!
These birds are everywhere
in the parks
and they just so majestic (to me!)
Tom Sawyer's Island
We spent like an hour on this island!
I think we had lunch after this in Pico Bill's
where Missy clotheslined herself on rope
She was being super mean to me and M Bug
and I told her stop doing what she was doing
and yet...
she kept at it.
Lesson learned I suppose.
Anyway, 2nd half of day 2 tomorrow :)
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