Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Two: MK 2nd half (like a football game but without all of the spandex)

While the boys went on rides
that Missy could not go on
we bought some snacks
Mickey lollipops
and a churros for me!
Then we happened upon
the parade
so we parked near where we were
supposed to meet up
and it just so happened
we were at the START of the parade route
We had a front row spot.
The characters all came over
to say HI to Missy.
Even though Mickey's Toon Town was closed
we wanted Missy to ride the train
just because it is fun
plus we needed to get to the front of the park.
Cute pic other than M Bug noshing on a lollipop!
I wish I could have captured
the look on Missy's face
when she met Minnie
Her eyes were so round and her smile was HUGE.
We waited all of 5 minutes to get into this area too!
We waited maybe ten minutes for the princesses.
M Bug was super nervous
about them so I did not get
a shot of Missy with Cinderella
because I was talking
the situation over with M Bug.
He wanted their signatures
without having to actually give the
book to them!
I gave it to them instead
whilst he hide behind K's leg!
Missy was fine with all of them.
However Missy LOVES Belle
and about fell over when she got
to hand her signature book to her!
This Aurora
was fantastic with her.
Actually all three were but something
about the way this one interacted with her
just touched my heart!
The Photo pass dude's camera was down
so he took this amazing photo! 
Day TWO complete
We went to a nice dinner
at our hotel
then hit the pool for a bit!
Off to dreamland and day three!
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