Thursday, October 27, 2011


M Bug is a sports fanatic.  He watches Sport Center like he used to watch kid's shows. 

He is obsessed with football and has been rabid about the World Series because his precious Cardinals are in it (and doing poorly... wail.) 

He finishes soccer tomorrow.

He moved up to Level 4 swimming (YAY!) last week.

He started a new level of basketball yesterday.

On Saturday, he will be playing on team hockey.

He loves running in the 1 mile fun run races around the area.

He wants a new bigger bike for Christmas (which Santa's bringing shhh).

His excitement and enthusiasm for sports bubbles over all of us.  It is so neat to see his shining bright happy eyes when he is talking about all things sports related.  A recent picture and writing assignment for school said 'I love to play football in the front yard with my Dad.  It is my favorite thing.' 

Lately I have been working on 'flow' and re-framing problems into opportunities and drive, desire, intensity and enthusiasm  for the things I do no matter what they might be.  If I do not feel like doing something or I am mindlessly complaining of being too tired, I need only look so far as my amazing child and his excitement for sports. It helps to re-connect with that inner child inside us all.  I used to feel the same way he did about sports but somewhere along the way it was lost.  It has been amazing to reconnect through his eyes, his experience, and re-apply that to my life!  What a change that has brought in me. 

I hope his excitement for sports are never stifled within him.  I hope I always hear his shouts of joy over football in the front yard or learning to ride his bike with no hands or trying to run that mile faster and faster or getting a goal in soccer... it carries over into everything he does in life... it will take him far in life too. 
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