Thursday, October 27, 2011


Day 1: Epcot (Continued!)
Inside the Nemo Ride
We rode a bunch of rides
and just wandered around Epcot.
The Food and Wine Festival thing
is the entire month of October
so there were many many booths
and seemingly ten times as many
drunken fools to see
than normal.
Also Duffy the new Epcot Mascot
Not sure I get it but whatevs...
I want a topiary like this in my front yard!
Note to self: get K topiary art classes for Xmas!
Missy and K doing the chicken dance!
We have been told by several "locals"
that Germany along with Canada
have the best restaurants
in Epcot
We would definitely agree...
apparently Canada reservations are tough to get
so we feel lucky to have eaten there last time
but Germany did not disappoint!
Singing Germans ;)
M Bug and I
Golf ball & lake in the background
The first day was the warmest by far
but it cooled off once the sun went down
which is when we called it a day
We wanted to get to bed
for a fresh start the next day!
It was a busy one.
Stay tuned for more...
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