Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missy Series: Silly

"Oh no"
"There's a smudge on
your camera lens, Momma"
"Hey Momma look at me!
I am standing up here
on this scary shaky deck.
No no don't worry about me...
It's NO problem Momma"
"Hey look at me,
not at Santana's butt,
I am WAY cuter.
And OH HAI you cleaned the lens
all the better to see my cuteness!
Hey YOU stop staring
at the dog's butt!
That's just weird!!"
"I like to dance Momma
Take a picture of me dancing!"
A moment after this photo
she turned around
shook her rump at me
and said (for real)
"Look at me shaking my rump!!!"

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