Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post It's A Small World After All

So much to say so little time SO tired.

1.) We went to Disney World this past weekend
2.) We had a fabulous time
3.) We are planning a trip for 2013
4.) I cannot wait, we will do it in October again too, a-mazing weather!
5.) Delta Airlines sucks my hiney but Henry C. is my hero
6.) M Bug totally lost his seventh tooth in line at the Speedway ride AT DISNEY
7.) That's flippin' cool (and he pulled this one all by himself!)
8.) Coronado Springs is super nice but restaurants are not my favorite
9.) I felt like Viktor Navorski from that movie The Terminal
10.) Missy loved meeting characters, her eyes were out of her head for Minnie
11.) She hates everything else about Disney (not really...)
12.) My kids totally need that pool
13.) I decided we will definitely get the pool this spring
14.) The best thing about a trip is coming home
15.) Home sweet home!

Bonus: I need to start running tomorrow STAT.  I feel large and in charge after eating churros and ice cream and Tusker House breakfast oh my.

Double Bonus: I had our Parent Teacher conference today and it was super fun!  Those poor teachers... again I took a full hour and ten minutes of her time but his teacher was amazing.  I am such a proud mommacita right now.

Next up: Christmas shopping... oh yay.

I will post Disney Photos a little later this week
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