Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am kind of excited because four weeks ago I was kind of in shape and now I am still kind of in shape but I blasted my 5K personal best.  I had a goal of making it through the run and this faint hope of breaking into the 24 range "if I could".

I ran a 23:41 today!  HOLY CATS. 

The week before I ran what I thought was a fairly quick 5k and I was kind of kicking myself for not running the last mile faster and I could see the clock click over to 25 so I totally could have run a 24 something but being in the 23 minute range for a 5k for the first since I ran in early twenties makes me feel SUPER awesome and pretty happy.

Now I am tired and I really want a bag of candy corn!!!

I am hoping to run at least four more 5k races before the end of 2011.  Mostly I cannot wait to start planning for 2012 runs.  I SO cannot wait for 2012! :)
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