Monday, October 3, 2011

Round and Round We Go...

The ABC's of Me

Age: 37.  Around 45 days till I am 38!!!

Bed size: King and still not big enough!

Chore that you hate: CHORES as in all of them lately.  Dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, laundry, OH I like to sweep the garage out!

Dogs: Two, a (mostly) white Jack Russell/Rat terrier mix named Santana and a (mostly) black mutt err I mean terrier/lab mix named Lucy.  Silly thing to note: I always wanted a Jack Russell because of my Auntie in England who always seemed to have a couple rolling around her house.  I wanted to live in England growing up and for some reason I equated Jack Russells with England growing up!!

Essential start to your day: I am stumped.  Getting up?  Brushing my teeth?  Lately, putting make-up on my hormone ravaged face? Kissing the wee tots on the head?  All are essential!

Favorite color: Black, the non-color color.  Also it might say a lot about me...

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Height: 5’2″ and three quarters

Instruments you play: None

Job title: Consultant

Kids: 2 kids, three well if you are counting K!

Live: Small town USA

Mother’s name: Goody gum drops.  That is not her name but this name thing will explain a ton about my mother who has MULTIPLE names... Jeannette, Adriana and Shantje (no really she will interchangeably use these names but she HATES the person who was Jeannette... Yeah I don't know... It's weird!)

Nicknames: None now but back in the I was Fish and Stinky (heh) and Spaghetti, Chris or Tina/Teen to my parents

Overnight hospital stays: Two times to have my babies!

Pet peeves: Passive aggressive people with big egos who cannot handle other people unless they are just like them; people who talk on cell phone or text while having a meal out with someone else (why bother?); slow drivers and/or ones who do not use their turn signals; perfume/cologne wearing people at the gym; #1 pet peeve: DRAMA.

Quote from a movie: "Yippy ki yay mother fucker" from Die Hard (Wait?  Did you think it would be something deeper?  Yeah, no.  Not gonna happen. By far and away most bad ass moment in a movie eva!)

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: Sister and brother

Time you wake up: Varies these days. On work days, anywhere from 6-6:40am, non-work week days we sleep in until 7 or 7:30 and on weekends usually 8:00 these days!

Underwear: Cotton comfy stuff

Vegetable you hate: None really.. Kale?I have no idea.  I think if veggies are cooked or made the right away any of them can be delish!

What makes you run late: My inability to judge how long it will take me to get somewhere.  For instance, I will think I only need ten minutes to get to school.  Then about 12 minutes before the 10 minutes I will realize DUDE I need to get a coat and my purse and Missy needs a coat and shoes and snacks and then we are late...

X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, my abdomen (my ovaries for cysts and babies in the form of ultrasounds), my breasts (mammogram), my knees, shoulder, neck, and wrist.  I should check for a glow, huh?

Yummy food that you make: Turkey Chili, Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey meatballs, Mac N' Cheese, Nachos, Apple Crisp, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana bread, and this recipe is pretty popular in our house right now!

Zoo animal: Monkeys and Penguins because they are usually the funniest and most active!

**I have seen this making the rounds but P&D's did it most recently so I took this from her!  Thanks :)
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