Monday, October 10, 2011


M Bug digs running.
He tells me one of his favorite playground games
is racing against the other kids
and who won or lost.
He likes to do the local 1K kid's runs.
Usually he gets a ribbon and snack
andsome high fives from us...
He ran the local cancer run a few weeks ago
We had to leave right away after the race
so we did not stay for the awards part.
A mom at soccer asked
how M Bug liked his trophy a week ago
Us: HUH?
Lo, the next day there was a message
about getting M Bug's trophy.
He was second in his age group
He jumped up and down
and said
"I've never won anything
so big!  WOW!"
It's huge, this thing.
Not exactly sure what to do with it
but for now it is on his desk
and I've found him looking at it
with a huge smile on his face.
Oh and he is pretty excited to do the next kid's run!
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