Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Soccer Practice Scrimmage Practice thing-y.
Total Soccer mom speak right??!
Football... Aww I love the Europeans.
They are cute.
They were doing drills here.
He just soaks up how to play better.
That boy in front of M Bug
is in Grade 2
He seems so tall next to my first grader!
My little sponge
This train captivated all 20 fields of kids playing soccer
and when the end of the train came
you could literally hear every field say
there goes the end!
It has been lovely this fall.
I cannot decide if I like spring or fall soccer better...
The sunlight is so purty in the fall
but it is cooler in the fall
but less rainy in the fall
by a little bit
the colors are different in the fall
but spring means summer is coming
not winter...
Right now fall is winning by a hair!
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