Friday, November 11, 2011


I turned 38 today.  If you asked eight years ago if I thought that age might bother me I might have said 'yes' and 'ohhh scary thought' but now?  Not so much.

Today has been a great day. 
I stepped on the scale and I weighed 126!! That is FIVE lbs less than a month ago (okay, okay I know the whole stomach flu/flu/sinus thing contributed to that... still, I lost FIVE POUNDS YAY!)
I spent part of the morning with my best friend having coffee. 
I spent the rest of the morning with my sweet beautiful daughter watching her face light up while doing gymnastics.
I had the chance to go to my son's school to help his class out in the computer lab.
Then we watched the school wide Veteran's Day presentation that M Bug's class had a big part in (and made his teacher cry afterward in a good way... her son is in Iraq.)
I took the kid's to the local library to meet Olivia the pig live :)
Then the kids and I met K and some friends for dinner at Sweet Grass (yummers!)
We came home to eat Angel B's cake and open gifties
After I put the kids to bed I stood out on the back deck looking at that amazing moon lighting up the world.

Today made my heart sing.

I feel blessed and happy and lucky to be alive not just today but every day. 

I still think I should I have bought a lottery ticket... maybe tomorrow.
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